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    Korean Groom Ki Cho Sings Wizkid’s Ojuelegba At His Wedding To His Beautiful Nigerian Bride Subomi. Watch And Enjoy The Heartwarming Video!

    ‘Inter-national’ marriage is now more embraced by a lot of people. The diversity in culture is so beautiful that many like to experience the cultural heritage of other tribes and nations. This Nigerian-Korean wedding between Ki Cho and Subomi is a beautiful one to behold.

    The Korean man Ki Cho found his love charming in this beautiful Nigerian woman, Subomi. The duo have taken their love journey further as they tied the knot in this beautiful Nigerian-Korean wedding.

    The groom Ki Cho has learnt so much about the Nigerian culture, especially the music. When asked to sing a Nigerian song by the MC, he confidently collected the microphone and started singing Wizkid’s Ojuelegba.

    He also revealed some of his knowledge about Nigeria. He correctly pronounced the name of the Nigerian president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

    Ki Cho also revealed his Nigerian name Oluwakorede. According to the wedding MC, he speaks Yoruba well and he is self-taught.

    It was also revealed that his Nigerian bride, Subomi, also taught herself how to speak Korean fluently.

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    Watch the adorable video below:

    Of course, the video melted the heart of many on social media. Read some of the comments below:

    lady_riams: “I didn’t want this to end!!!! So beautiful to watch…

    Oluwakorede, we accept you as one of us jare. I wish you guys a peaceful and blissful union.”

    sparklight_capital: “The melding of culture was so beautiful! Hands down one of the best weddings I’ve attended in Yankee.”

    The_deborahsparkle: “Nigerian blood definitely flows in his veins! Even his intonation is right on point!”

    iam_esstarkay: “Wow dem don finally marry Gun Jun Pyo.”

    Ade_bakes_official: “Ok there’s still hope to marry Lee min hoo I be don give up.” _dandydame: “See as I dey smile like Mumu.”

    callmedamy: “He said my music travel no visa, you think he was capping…big wiz for a reason.”

    w.u.r.a.h: “As a bonafide FC this just made my day.”

    tushbaby55: “Biggest wizkid he said my music travels no visa you think say na joke… Stop playing mehn.”

    dovies_naturals: “This one don tey for Lagos.”

    callmedamy: “He said my music travel no visa,you think he was capping…big wiz for a reason.”

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