5 Latest Nigerian Wedding Makeup Glam

Your special day is not complete without your makeup glam. Your wedding theme and mood will determine the type of makeup look you will go for

There are different types of bridal makeup looks and for different purposes. it could be bright, semi bright, nude or extravagant. It is good to have a talk with your makeup artiste before the D-Day, to put things in place as you share your ideas on how you would love to look and let him/her judge if you will go with your theme and also fit your face. It wouldn’t be a bad idea of you already have looks in mind before making your decision as well. Here are some of the glam looks you can choose from
1.  Glittered makeup glam: This is a great makeup glam for flamboyant brides. The glitters are highlighted on the eye shadow.
2. Bright makeup glam: This is one of the most common makeup glams used in the Nigeria. It is a very great option for intending brides.
3. Semi nude makeup: This is great for dark-skinned brides. It is neither bright nor dull.

4. Natural makeup: This is very close to the semi nude makeup. It is also great for brides who want to keep it simple

5. Extralit makeup: This is also for dark brides, with the glam emphasis laid on the highlights, lipstick and eyeshadow.
Photo Credit: Getty