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    Actors Lee Bo Young And Ji Sung Dish Celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary With Lovely Family Pictures

    Actors Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young participated in a lovely pictorial with Allure Korea to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary!

    Lee Bo Young wedding anniversary KOKO Brides Nigeria

    In the interview that followed the lovely photo shoot, Lee Bo Young shared that their relationship has been consistent from the beginning. Regarding her first impression of Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young joked, “He was a senior actor who was boring but serious and hardworking.”

    Regarding what she liked about Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young explained, “I liked his mature and reliable attitude.” She added, “No matter the situation, he is someone who is not embarrassed of me and does not try to change me.”

    Lee Bo Young also revealed her hopes for Ji Sung on his acting projects. She explained, “He gets really into manly and serious roles, but I wish he would take on an affectionate and cute role. [Ji Sung] is a very delicate and soft person.”

    The actress further revealed that Ji Sung prepared many interesting events for her, adding, “Maybe thanks to that, the kids keep preparing events for me too.” On some of the events they’ve planned, Lee Bo Young shared that they often light candles on cakes and sing. She mentioned that they kept travel plans a secret from the children and showed up to surprise them in front of the school.

    Regarding their family dynamic, Lee Bo Young shared, “We do everything together. We still all sleep on a king size bed together. Our first child, second child, and myself lie down [normally], and [Ji Sung] sleeps horizontally.”

    Lee Bo Young called her husband Ji Sung a family man, saying, “[Ji Sung] knows what’s important in life, and he is a person who tries to protect that.” She concluded, “I think family is the most important to him.”

    When asked what genre would fit them best if their relationship was made into a film, Ji Sung replied, “Action! One producer told us that they wanted to film us. I think it would be more fun than any drama or film. At our first meeting, we were just senior and junior actors. There was no [romantic] interest, but I think I got the thought that we got along better and better while bickering.”

    Ji Sung praised, “On the outside, it seems like I’m matching all [her needs], but if you look in a bit more closely, Bo Young matches me a lot. That’s how it has been. I think she is an amazing woman.”

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    Lee Bo Young wedding anniversary KOKO Brides Nigeria

    The actor continued, “She knows how to love and encourage her people.” He added, “She doesn’t try to act cool. I think that side of her is lovable and earnest.” Ji Sung further praised Lee Bo Young’s performance in “The Agency,” saying, “Bo Young’s honest and confident side is really charming.”

    Finally, Ji Sung shared, “I want to go to Toledo, Spain, the location of our marriage proposal, and take the same photo again. Honestly, that was the five-year anniversary plan, but we couldn’t keep that promise,” adding it may be difficult due to Lee Bo Young’s and the children’s schedules.

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