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    The Ultimatum’s Stars Lisa Horne And Brian Okoye Reveals Baby Boy For the 1st Time After Discovering Pregnancy During Filming

    The Ultimatum stars Lisa Horne and Brian Okoye revealed their baby boy to the world for the first time after discovering pregnancy during filming.

    Lisa Brian Okoye reveales baby boy Mason KOKO Brides Nigeria

    Lisa and Brian were both full of beautiful smiles as they posed with their newborn son Mason and Lisa’s 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

    Lisa left after a fiery argument during a mixer in the first episode, and Brian continued, expecting to go along with the experiment.

    Later in the episode, when the cast met up at a dinner where they would choose their new trial marriage partners, Brian and Lisa were absent. Co-host Nick Lachey revealed that the duo opted to leave the experiment together early after Lisa learned she was pregnant with Mason.

    The couple shared that their short-lived time on the series did help them with their relationship.

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    As for Brian, he believes being on the show was helpful because it put a lot on front street in terms of how they are as partners, parents and individuals.

    “We were super vulnerable, and obviously for the world to see and for us to see as well. It definitely opened our minds up more about what we were experiencing,” the financial analyst explained. “And it made us more willing to actually work on those things.”

    “And as parents, I think it gives us a little bit more of the softness that we need,” he added. “Even though a lot of people don’t see that, but we have a really great friendship and just relationship as a whole.”

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    After their episodes were released, Brian shared a sweet reflection on the experience they both had. He also expressed his dedication to continuing to build with Lisa.

    “Love Wins 🏆When you’re committed to the journey and you’re locked in on the destination you’ll inevitably be faced with trials & tribulations along the way. It’s never about the adversity itself that you’re faced with but rather how you overcome it..together,” Brian wrote on Instagram.

    “In this life the greatness of your heart, which extends beyond this universe, can be overshadowed by the shortcomings of your humanly actions. Those who recognize that aren’t quick to judge but are faster to lend a hand. Those are the people who will endure the journey with you 🔐 This experience has been one for the books but it’s time to turn the page 📖.”

    Lisa Brian Okoye reveales baby boy Mason KOKO Brides Nigeria

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