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    Singer Maluma Reveals He Is Expecting 1st Baby With Girlfriend Susana Gomez In New Music Video

    Singer Maluma is going to be a father soon!

    The Grammy winner Maluma, 29, revealed that he and his girlfriend Susana Gomez are expecting their first baby together.

    He revealed the happy news in his new music video for his single, “Procura”.

    During his Oct. 19 concert in Washington, D.C., the singer debuted the heartwarming video for his song.

    The video features an inside look at the romance between the Colombian singer and his partner, including various clips of the duo together over time, which culminates with glimpses at their pregnancy journey.

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    Maluma and Susana are also seen celebrating their little one’s upcoming arrival at a sex reveal party, where they both wear matching necklaces that spell out the name “Paris”.

    At the end, hues of smoke reveal that they are expecting a baby girl.

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