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    Man Sings His Vows To His Blushing Bride With An Angelic Voice

    A South African man romantically sang his vows to his beautiful wife on their wedding day with an angelic voice.

    One of the most romantic things to do for your beloved is to sing a song, and this man took it a step further by singing a song at their wedding. He belted out lyrics from his own heart that made his wife blush and the audience whistle and cheer in excitement.

    The groom held his bride’s ring in his hands while he belted out the smooth and romantic tune. His wife blushed so much that she could not look at him directly in the eye. In his lovely song, he promised to love her and protect her and be by her side.

    The bride looked radiantly beautiful in her white wedding gown.

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    From time to time she would look up to her husband, hear him sing, and then smile and look downwards again while a bridesmaid held her veil apart. Towards the end of the song the gorgeous bride could not help but cry out tears of joy.


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