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    Indian Actors Naresh Vijaya Krishna And Pavitra Lokesh Enjoy Their Honeymoon In Thailand

    Indian actors Naresh Vijaya Krishna and Pavitra Lokesh, who got married on March 10, are currently basking in marital bliss.Naresh Vijaya and Pavitra Lokesh on honeymoon in Thailand

    Naresh Vijaya and Pavitra Lokesh are making headlines, as they enjoy their romantic honeymoon in Thailand.

    On Twitter, actor Naresh shared delightful glimpses from their getaway, expressing gratitude for the song that inspired him during challenging times.

    He tweeted, “This song fueled my comeback amid career setbacks, financial strain, and the departure of supposed loved ones.”

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    With heartfelt thanks to those who contributed to his remarkable resurgence, Naresh shared some pictures and videos capturing their Thailand retreat, including a charming dance performance with Pavitra.

    Their joyous moments have garnered attention and admiration from fans.

    The actor also attached some pictures and videos from the destination. One of the videos shows him and Pavitra enjoying a soothing song with an amazing dance performance as well.

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