Newlyweds Serve McDonald’s At Their Wedding Reception, Guests Ended Up Loving It

In a viral TikTok posted on Sept. 17, newlyweds Ophélie Billaudeau, 25, and Thomas Billaudeau, 27, surprised their guests by revealing their wedding reception was being catered by McDonald’s and from the reaction in their video, the guests loved it.

The TikTok video features Ophélie revealing the wedding reception’s unexpected caterer by saying, “Thank you very much, and so I’ll let you discover tonight’s meal, the caterer…” At that point, one of the guests walks in wearing a McDonald’s uniform and carrying two large bags of food. As the guests laughed and applauded, the bride shouted the fast food favourite’s French slogan, “Come as you are!”

When asked if he would recommend more couples serve fast food at their big day, Thomas said he “wouldn’t necessarily recommend it,” but he does encourage couples to ensure they have the wedding they want. “I believe everyone should do what they want for their wedding as long as there’s a good atmosphere and the guests enjoy themselves,” he adds.

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While the response on social media was mixed, several commenters supported the couple’s decision to save money on expensive catering and opt for a meal that was affordable and a crowd-pleaser. (The couple didn’t disclose the exact cost of the food for the reception.)

Even McDonald’s social media team chimed in. The fast food chain commented, “It was a pleasure to participate in this superb day.”

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