After Traditional Engagement, Nigerian Couple Devastated After Discovering Their Genotypes With Bride Already 3 Months Pregnant

A Nigerian couple has found out that their genotypes do not match after doing all the necessary traditional rites.

Devastated couple

Upon discovery, the couple felt devastated as the wife was already three months pregnant.

According to the man, he said that when they were about to do their Church wedding, the priest who was meant to join them in the Catholic order gave them medical tests to carry out. After conducting the tests, they found out they are both AS carriers.

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The priest further stated that he would not consent to such marriage.

His mother advised him to go ahead with the marriage, hoping that God could change anything.

He partly wrote …

“She is AS and I’m also AS. The priest said he won’t consent to such a marriage. I have done traditional rites. This lady may die if I leave her now. My mother said I should go ahead that God can change anything.”

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