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    Nigerian-Russian Wedding: Son Of Media Mogul John Momoh Marries His Russian Bride In A Beautiful Italian Wedding

    Oluwatobi, the son of media industry pioneer and mogul, John Momoh, tied the knot with his beautiful Russian bride.

    It is a joyful season for the entire Momoh’s family as Oluwatobi the son of the CEO of Channels TV tied the knot with his Russian bride Elizaveta at Lake Como, Italy.

    Many Nigerian and Russian dignitaries graced the occasion. The eyes and hearts of wedding guests grew brighter as the event progressed, and as they witnessed the spirited Oluwatobi obtaining the blessing of two nations with his blushing sweetheart,

    Wedding locations often symbolise the imagined worth of marital engagements. This union was no different. Lake Como is one of the most enchanting locations in Europe, consequently becoming a favourite wedding destination. With such an auspicious location, a resplendent bride, and happy guests, the Momohs had a field day.

    Being the person he is, the Momoh patriarch and his charming wife, Sola, had to entertain influential bankers, politicians, and celebrities as guests. But this is nothing for the Nigerian media industry pioneer who further distinguished himself by being the biggest support for his well-trained son.

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    Undoubtedly, Elizaveta and her relatives have come into Nigeria’s corporate royalty. One might say that she is a lucky woman, recognizing the charm of her now-husband and his family. Oluwatobi is just as fortunate to find love in his Russian girl, approved and supported by his parents.

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