Thursday, May 30, 2024

    Ooze Class And Royalty In Aso Oke For Your Traditional Wedding

    Aso oke, traditional handwoven cloth which is an intricate component of the yoruba cultural heritage is fast becoming a fashion trend that almost every one wants to jump in.

    While some want to rock this cloth for its history and significance, other want to rock it for its colourful vibrant designs, skillful construction and adaptability.

    READ ALSO: 12 Qualities That Women Value More Than MoneyThe beautiful thing about Asooke is that it looks great on everyone; men, women and children.

    READ ALSO: 5 Super Tips For Styling An Afro For Your WeddingIf you are looking to jump on this trend either for church, wedding, birthday party, photoshoot, or just a random owambe, you can choose to go with either the patterned or metallic Asooke or combine both!

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