7 Great Tips To Organise Baby Clothes For Easy Grab When Needed

As your baby grows older in age and size, you will collect more clothes either on your own or as thoughtful gifts from loved ones.

The more baby clothes you have in your home, the more you create space for them. And you may wonder how you can put things away and find them again.

Here are some great tips to organize your baby’s clothes for easy grab when you need them:

Babies grow quickly. To make sure you always have the right sized clothes on hand, group your clothes by the same size. Put clothes for 0 to 3 months together, 3 to 6 months together, and so on.

After dividing your clothes by size, put them together by category. This will make them easier to grab and go when you need to. If you, for example, need a shirt, you won’t have to go searching if all the shirts are together. Likewise for your pants and onesies.

Designate each drawer for a specific item, then organize that item by size. For example, a drawer for shirts can be organized from left to right with smaller shirts on the left and bigger shirts on the right.

As you hang your items, group similar items together from smallest to largest. Alternatively, group clothes by size. There are also size-based rod dividers available to match your aesthetic.

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If you have no extra drawers, use baskets and bins to store your socks, bows, hats, and other accessories. Plastic bins will let you see what’s inside, but there are plenty of other stylish storage containers that will match your nursery.


After organizing your baby’s wears, use a label maker to make it official. Mark each drawer space, basket, bin, and closet section. With spaces clearly labeled for certain clothing, you’ll have an easier time when putting clothes back up on laundry day.

Label your storage with phrases like “Shirts 0-3 Months” or “Dresses 6-9 Months.”

Check to see if your local thrift store or family charity is accepting baby clothing. Smaller wears can also be used as hand-me-downs for your future children or the children of friends and family.

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