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    Style Tips: 6 Beautiful Outfit Ideas For A Casual Date

    When going on a date, it’s always important to look your best and even much better when your date is impressed completely and mesmerized by you.

    While choosing outfits, it’s paramount to pattern it to the kind of date you’re going for. If you’re going for a casual date, here are a couple of outfit ideas to help you feel and look beautiful. 

    1. T-shirt and Jeans with a pair of sneakers or sandals. It’s better not to wear a statement t-shirt so you dint get unnecessary attention.

    1. A short knee-length dress paired with sandals or ankle boots should make you feel sexy and confident. It can also be paired with a sandals or flat shoe and if it is a fitted gown, a sexy low heeled sandals is a must

    1.  High-waisted jeans trousers paired in a sexy crop top (a blouse preferably) makes for a cute, classy and chic vibe and showing a little skin won’t kill anyone. This can be paired with a sneakers or a low-heeled sandals

    1. A jumpsuit is a must have for a lady because it comes in handy in this case, either sleeveless or not. It speaks simple and sophisticated. This should be paired with a sandals or sneakers  

    2. A short, sleeveless ankara maxi dress will never be a wrong choice as it makes you comfortable and is a safe and simple choice

    6. A mini skirt with a long sleeved bodysuit is also a great choice. Paired with either an ankle boot or a sneaker

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