10 Perfect Venues For An Intimate Wedding Ceremony

In recent times intimate wedding ceremony have become a lot of couples’ choices for their wedding, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of couples have been forced to restrict guests on their big day and only have a few friends and family members witness the special ceremony. Due to the pandemic, a lot of people cannot have more than 20-50 people in the room for their wedding with many others joining via zoom or other online platforms. This new move has given birth to new needs for weddings with many searching for beautiful, perfect venues that could be used for the intimate wedding ceremony while still following the rules.

Even with an intimate affair couples still deserve to have the wedding of their dreams and also for couples who do not want a crowd at their wedding but would love to keep it simple and small.  We have put together 10 venues that are perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony.
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  1. Art galleries
    An art gallery is a beautiful space for an intimate ceremony and the art pieces hanging on the wall are a great choice for decoration.
  2. A Garden
    Just close your eyes and watch nature fill the room as you walk down the aisle and recite your vows to the one you love. If you are lucky to have a garden of your own redecorate it to suit your style. If not, you can consider gardens of hotels as well as the commercial ones that are accessible in your area. You can cut down on your décor bill by working with existing flowers and greenery. Check the weather forecast and to be super safe, make provisions for the rain.
  3. Hotels
    This is a popular choice especially for couples and it has all the perfect spots for great pictures. You could also decide to use the hotel’s food services where you calculate the food cost on each guest per head. A lot of hotels have small banquet halls that could be used for the reception ceremony.
  4. Home/Airbnb
    This is another great option for an intimate wedding ceremony as you could transform your home, parking lot to a great reception venue. If you are concerned about your home find out about lovely Airbnb in your city that could serve this purpose.
  5. Rooftop
    The rooftop is everything you could dream of your big day and it is perfect for your intimate wedding ceremony. The light streams in and is great lighting for your pictures. At night you could look at the sunset and the stars come out with guests and your partner as you make a wish for a life filled with love and happiness together.
  6. Barns
    Barns are small farm buildings used for storing grain, hay, or straw or for housing livestock. If you find one in your city that is available for commercial purposes it could be transformed into a reception space for your wedding ceremony.
  7. Halls
    There are small intimate halls that are a perfect choice for small and intimate ceremonies. These halls house about 30-100 guests for any event and they could be decorated to your style of choice.
  8. Restaurants
    You could rent out a restaurant for your wedding ceremony. There are a hundred and one restaurants in your city that could be booked for your big day. The restaurant could also handle the catering of the event saving you stress and time.
  9. Beach
    The sea view, waves of water, and nothing but perfect and are a great choice for that intimate wedding ceremony. Imagine walking on the beach with your lover with your friends and also watching a great view as you recite your vows and promise of forever.
  10. Bar
    The bars are a great choice for an intimate wedding ceremony. A lovely bar in your city could be transformed into an intimate wedding venue and you know what’s more fun you get the services of a professional bartender and also great drink choices so your guest are in for a great time.

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