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    How To Plan An Effective Exercise Schedule To Make Workout A Daily Habit

    To make workouts a daily habit, you need to establish an exercise schedule. This will help you organize your routine.

    Make sure you follow your exercise schedule on both good and bad days to make it a routine.

    Read on to learn how to plan an effective exercise schedule.

    Begin by scheduling short, but frequent sessions. You can start with 5 to10-minutes sessions a day and gradually work your way up to 30-minutes or even hour-long sessions.

    • With exercise, every session counts. It’s better to have up to three to four 20-minute workouts a week than a single 2-hour session.
    • If you can’t find time for a full 30-minute session, try breaking your workout into several smaller sessions. You might, for example, fit in two 15-minute workouts instead.
    • You’ll form a habit more easily if you exercise every day, even if it is only for 10-15 minutes. If you have a busy day, try to squeeze in at least a brisk walk, a few running laps around the block, or a 15-minute Pilates session.

    Sometimes if you have a hectic schedule, you have to make time for exercise. Evaluate how you spend your average day and, wherever you can, delegate extra time to working out.

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    Watching a TV show you love can be good motivation to workout at a specific time. Look up when the next episode of your favorite TV show is and plan your workout at that time or watch episodes using a video streaming website as you work out.

    If your day schedule is a little hectic, try waking up 30-60 minutes earlier than you usually do. That could give you enough time to fit in a morning run or exercise session before your day begins.

    Holding yourself responsible for your workouts can help you make exercise a priority. You could purchase a gym membership, join a sports team, or find a workout partner so you have a specific time and place to workout.

    You don’t need to go to the gym to get a good workout. If you don’t have time for traveling, you can always have an alternative by doing chores, jogging around your neighbourhood, or working out at home.

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