How To Prepare A Nursery For Your Baby’s Arrival

Before the arrival of your baby, setting up the nursery is a fun way to prepare you for your new arrival.

Here are beneficial ways to prepare a nursery for your baby’s arrival:

When you are preparing a room for a baby, take out as many items from the room as you can, even if you plan on putting them back in the nursery eventually. This will allow you to thoroughly clean the room before you set up the furniture.

Babies are especially susceptible to allergens like dust, mold, and pet hair, so you should get the room as clean as possible. Use a sponge and soapy water to clean the walls, sweep and mop hard floors, and shampoo the carpet if you have one.

3. Install a dimmer switch if the lights are bright

If the only light in your room is one bright overhead light, consider replacing the light switch with a dimmer switch instead.

4. Oil the door hinges so they don’t creak

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Using a common household lubricant, apply a little oil to each hinge on the nursery door to keep it from creaking. When you finally get your baby to sleep and the door swings silently shut behind you, you will be glad you took the time to do this.

5. Paint the nursery if you want

Once you know the theme for your nursery, you can paint the walls if you choose. Be sure to choose a non-toxic paint that won’t flake, so your child will not be able to peel the paint off the wall and eat it when they become a curious toddler.

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