How To Regulate Overfeeding Your Child And Encourage Healthy Lifestyle

As a parent, you want your child to eat right and look healthy. Nevertheless, overfeeding your little one is not the right way to make this happen. This is because overfeeding usually does more harm than good – as it can lead to excess weight gain, which in turn, makes your child become obese.

Overfeeding decreases your child’s metabolism – which can result to sleepless nights for you and your child.

Below are ways to regulate your child’s feeding:

The Size of the Plate

Do not serve your child using large plates.

A good serving size that is right for children is about the size of your hand when closed. Use smaller plates to make sure they are served in the right portions. Also, teach them to stop eating when they are full.


If you notice your child is pushing food around, creating a mess, or does not finish everything on the plate, it could be that you have served them too much food.

You should always listen to your child and read the signs, especially when they are full to avoid overeating.

Too much snacks

Instead of giving them biscuits, chocolates, candies, you can replace them with fruits but at a minimal.

Emotional Feeding

When your child is upset, do not make the mistake of giving them a snack – when in reality what they really need could be a hug, or something to drink – maybe a glass of water.


When your child’s clothes are becoming tight in the chest, waist or rear, then he or she is probably overfed.

Always check their weight consistently and see if it’s proportional to their age.

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