Rio Is A Queen In Her Fairy Tale Wedding

Talk about bringing out your favourite fairy tale ideas to life and you wouldn’t be wrong. This bride reminds you of everything the Cinderella book or movie ever talked about for her wedding day.

For Rio her big day was all about bringing her fairy tale ideas to life and she did just that because this is a fairy tale wedding. The bride wore a stunning ball gown with very intricate details. Her veil and her crown was one for the books as it sat perfectly on her head like it should have.

The long veil swept almost to the floor and gave her entire look the elegance and grandness that it needed. The crown is definitely another highlight for this look and to be fair what’s a Cinderella without her crown.

The makeup was a subtle and clean one with honey lips which was a perfect choice for the gown which already had enough details on it. She had on silver accessories that complemented the look. Her choice of Jewelry was quite simple and it was perfect for the outfit.

Her bouquet was simply perfect the Canterbury bells were a great addition to her looks. Rio’s bridal look is a great choice if you ever want to channel Cinderella or Elsa for your wedding day.

Photographer: Bedge Pictures