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    Show Love To Your Partner In The Biggest Way With These 10 Romantic Gestures

    To keep your romance active even after many years of marriage, there are some sweet but romantic gestures you need to do everyday. Though small, they show love in the biggest way.

    Below are those sweet romantic gestures and date ideas for everyday life that you can use, and let your spouse know that there’s still a lot of love floating everywhere. You don’t need to be the perfect lover to make them happy; all you need is to put romance in the air.

    1. Hold them

    Physical affection will never get out of style when it comes to romantic gestures. Wrap your arms around your lover when you’re standing close to each other, and don’t keep more than a feet’s distance between each other unless you have no choice!

    Hold their hand, wrap your arm around theirs, and basically just be physically affectionate to them. It’s the best way to remind them of the love you share.

    2. Take them out for a picnic

    Surprise your partner by taking her out to a nearby favourite picnic spot late in the night. Spread a blanket on the ground and have an impromptu getaway with champagne and strawberries.

    There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic date under the stars and some wine with your favourite person. This is one of the most romantic gestures you can do that they’ll appreciate.

    3. Sit on their lap and behave mischievously


    Sit on your partner’s lap when both of you are relaxing at home.

    Or if you’re the guy, don’t let your partner walk around the house for a few hours. Carry them around the house no matter where they want to go. It’s an underrated and funny act, but it still counts as a romantic gesture.

    4. Spend time doing their hobbies

    Go ahead and join them in what they love doing; this is one of the romantic gestures they’ll appreciate once they see you trying to share their interest with them.

    Spend time with your partner now and then when they’re enjoying their favorite hobby, even if it’s something that doesn’t interest you much.

    5. Give them a foot massage

    Give your partner a foot massage when both of you are relaxing on the couch. You can bring out some oils or even a body cream and run your hands over their feet as you both watch something on the screen. And seriously, everyone enjoys foot massages!

    6. Slip into bed naked

    Slip into bed naked and surprise your partner with your impromptu nudity. Tie a little ribbon around your waist or any strategic locations if you want to be their gift for the night.

    It’s one of those seductive romantic gestures you can surprise them with that they’ll appreciate for sure.

    7. Shave them or brush their hair

    Caring for your partner and doing the little things often go unnoticed as we often want the big, grand gestures right away.

    Give him a shave when he’s lazy. Help her brush her hair when she’s in a hurry. These things might not scream romance, but it’s all about the intention behind it.

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    8. Bring them breakfast in bed


    It might seem incredibly cliche, but bringing them breakfast in bed will always be thoughtful and romantic.

    It’s a simple way of telling them you love them or you love caring for them. Bring breakfast in bed with your sweetheart’s favourite breakfast menu.

    9. Watch a romantic movie together

    Watching movies together much be too overrated, but it’s one of the romantic gestures that never gets tiring to do with your partner.

    Order takeout food you’ve been craving. Sit back for a movie marathon and don’t move out of each other’s sight.

    10. Dress up for them

    We often act lazy and complacent after being with someone for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up every now and then. Wear that bodycon dress and heels; wear that suit and look nice!

    They’ll definitely be caught off-guard with this look and appreciate your physical appearance.

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