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    Musical Couple Sanam Puri And Zuchobeni Tungoe Marry In Dreamy Wedding Ceremony In Nagaland

    Singer Sanam Puri has married singer Zuchobeni Tungow!Sanam Puri weds Zuchobeni Tungoe KOKO Brides Nigeria

    The singer couple Sanam Puri and Zuchobeni Tungoe are overjoyed after tying the knot in an enchanting wedding ceremony in Nagaland. The wedding ceremony beautifully blended Punjabi traditions with Naga rituals.

    For Sanam, getting married was a long-held desire, and he couldn’t imagine a better feeling. Describing the profound connection he shares with Zuchobeni, he eagerly looks forward to building a new life with her.

    Reflecting on the cultural fusion at their wedding, singer Puri conveyed their delight in the unique blend of Punjabi and Naga customs, making the event truly memorable. He gave credit to his wife, Zuchobeni, for bringing the celebration to life and shared their intention to showcase Naga culture to family and friends.

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    Sanam Puri acknowledged his wife’s influence on his musical journey, inspiring him to create more music. He praised her singing talent, having been a fan since their initial meeting. After the wedding, Sanam released a song featuring vocals by his wife, a composition created earlier.

    Connecting with Zuchobeni online, they sensed an immediate musical synergy, leading her to Mumbai for a collaborative jam session. The song, released on their wedding day surrounded by loved ones, played a significant role in shaping Sanam’s life and connection with his life partner.Sanam Puri weds Zuchobeni Tungoe KOKO Brides NigeriaSanam Puri weds Zuchobeni Tungoe KOKO Brides Nigeria

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