Savage! Check Out Sonia Ogbonna’s Reply To A Non-Fan’s Question

The Columbian wife of Nollywood actor, Sonia Ogbonna has taken to social media to expose a DM from a non-fan about her appearance. The fan asked her when she was going to start dressing like a married woman. She replied the DM with carefully chosen words in order to put the non-fan in their place.

She said, “Message is very simple: you are a QUEEN. And marriage is not an the ultimate life achievement nor validation of a woman’s worth ,nether is a curse. So keep looking like a QUEEN that you are forever & ever. Stay fly ,stop shows everywhere you go and love you some you and your life will become more fun, beautiful & fulfilled and yes, other women’s appearance wont get at you in a negative way no more. #SlaySistaA woman too is a human being and yes she too has only one life to live. Stop supporting oppression, it’s enough we gotta deal with period every month?”