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    10 Great Ways To Handle School Anxiety And Refusal Of Your Child

    Some schoolchildren experience anxiety over learning. Not only can this interfere with their education, but it can also be difficult for you, especially if you have to take time off work because your child won’t go to school.

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    The good news is that there are things you can do to help your child overcome their anxiety over school. Start by talking to them to figure out the cause of the problem. Then, continue talking, encouraging, and maintaining a routine to reassure your child and help them build self-confidence.

    Here are some ways to help your child deal with school anxiety and refusal:

    1. Speak with your child to find out why they are anxious

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    Your child may have a clear-cut reason for not wanting to attend their institution and knowing what it is may help you to reassure them. Some common reasons why children may feel anxious include having issues with other children, worrying about failure, being anxious about using the bathroom in a public setting, thinking their teacher is “mean” or doesn’t like them, dealing with threats or physical harm from a bully, etc.

    2. Talk with the child’s teacher to find out if there are any specific issues

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    If your child cannot or will not explain the issue, talk with their teacher. Even if your child gives you a reason for not wanting to attend school, talking with their teacher may help to clarify the problem. Your child’s teacher may also be able to help you develop a solution.

    3. Identify any recent changes at home that may be causing anxiety

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    Sometimes children may develop anxiety due to an issue or recent change at home. Reflect on any recent changes that may have affected your child, such as moving, the loss of a pet, or a divorce.

    4. Take your child to see their pediatrician to rule out physical illnesses

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    Sometimes anxiety can manifest as physical illness, so it’s important to get your child’s symptoms checked out by a pediatrician. Take your child to see a pediatrician if they’re experiencing any symptoms that may or may not be related to anxiety, such as:

    • Upset stomach
    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Hyperventilation
    • Dizziness

    5. Talk with your child to reassure them

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    Once you have identified the reason your child is struggling, talk with them about their feelings and let them know that you are there for them. Offering them this reassurance may help them to feel less anxious about attending school.

    6. Don’t ask your child how they feel or place emphasis on their anxiety

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    It’s important to remain sympathetic to your child’s anxiety, but focusing on it too much may make it worse. Instead, try not to say anything about their anxiety. Interact with them as you normally would.

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    7. Avoid giving your child special treatment when they stay home

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    If your child refuses to go to school one day, it’s important to avoid anything that makes them want to do it again. Don’t make special treats for your child or treat them any different than you usually do.

    • For example, if your child stays home due to anxiety, encourage them to rest, play quietly, or do homework. Don’t offer to take them to the park during school hours or take them out to lunch for their favorite meal.

    8. Reintroduce your child to school gradually if their anxiety is severe

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    Try waking them up the following morning and having them get ready for school, then drive them to the school and sit in the car with them for a few minutes. Then, repeat this the following day, and allow your child to go for a half day. On the third day, have your child stay for a full day.

    9. Encourage your child to engage in more social activities

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    Your child may feel more secure about attending school if they have more opportunities to socialize with other children outside of school. Try getting them involved in a club or activity that they can do outside of school hours, or at least arrange a few play dates for your child to help them see that being with other children is fun.

    10. Take your child on a tour of their new school if they’re anxious

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    If your child will be beginning school soon, you may be able to ease their anxiety about it by taking them to the school a few days before classes begin. Walk around with them and point out some important spots.

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