Thursday, May 30, 2024

    She Said Yes!!!Daodu And Esther Are Ready To Enjoy Forever Together

    Daodu and Esther found each other 6 years ago and now they can’t live a life without each other in it. The Nigerian YouTube couple who live in Japan have spent the last 6 years enjoying every moment together and now they have forever to create and enjoy more beautiful moments.

    On their couple’s page on Instagram the couple shared what the engagement means to them.

    She said YES! 🎉💍
    We started our love life 6 years ago. Ever since I met you you’ve always given my life a complete meaning. My world is never complete without you. You are everything I have ever dreamed and wanted. Thank God I found you. I’m happy to continue this next phase with you. Thanks for wanting to continue this journey with me. I promise I will always be the best version of me. Like we always say “always and forever”

    Couple: Daodu and Esther

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