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    Childhood Sweethearts, Sheila and David John Trow Celebrate Diamond Wedding Anniversary

    Childhood sweethearts, Sheila and David from Lostock have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in a special way.

    Sheila and David John Trow met when she was aged 12, and two years later they became inseparable, and have done since.

    When David was called up for national service, he told Sheila he would be gone for two years, and she agreed to wait for him.

    But before leaving David proposed, and the pair officially got married on July 20, 1963 at St Peter’s Church in Halliwell.

    To mark the occasion, the couple received a congratulatory card from His Majesty the King and the Queen Consort.

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    Sheila, a retired cone winder, and David, a retired painter and decorator, were surprised to receive the card from the royal couple.

    David said: “It was wonderful.

    “We are both royalists, and to receive this, was so overwhelming.”

    The card has been put on display in a special frame along with flowers, and they have been inundated with other cards to mark the milestone.

    They were surrounded by their loved ones at their home, before being whisked away at the weekend to the Lake District to celebrate in style.

    Shelia said: “After first meeting at age 12, it was a couple of years later that our paths crossed again.

    “I was best friends with David’s sister and used to go round to her house frequently.

    “Over time David and I drew close, and we both started dating.

    “Not long after we got together, David was called up for national service.

    “He said he would be gone for two years and asked if I would wait for him.

    “Before he left, he proposed to me and said we would get married on his return.

    “I said I didn’t want to get married until I was 21.

    “Whilst he was doing national service, many letters passed between us.

    “This still makes me smile today.

    “We got married in 1963 and have never looked back.

    “Our love for each other gets stronger and stronger every day.”

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