12 Clear Signs He Wants To Take Things To The Next Level By Making You His Girlfriend

A guy who wants you to be his girlfriend soon will display some clear signs to show that he is not ready to lose you.

Guys express themselves in different ways. Some might show some signs that they want more than friendship, others might ask you directly to be their girlfriend.

Keep reading to figure out what he is thinking about you and learn all the signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend.

1. He drops hints that he’s not dating anyone else

If he wants you to be his girlfriend, he might come right out and say that he’s not seeing anyone but you. While it doesn’t officially make you a couple, statements like that imply that he’s devouted to strengthening his relationship with you alone.

2. He asks you lots of personal questions

It’s a good sign if he starts asking you more profound, thoughtful questions because it means he sees you as relationship material and wants to get to know you better. If he were only interested in casual dating or hookups, he wouldn’t bother to get to know you beyond surface-level information.

3. He compliments you often

When he wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll notice all the things that make you special—and he’ll be sure to mention them. He’ll compliment your clothes, your style, or your intelligence because he’s into you. A guy who praises you, whether in person or over text, is clearly smitten with you beyond casual dating.

4. He initiates communication

A guy who texts and calls wants to ensure you stick around. Think about your recent communication with him, and which of you has done more reaching out and establishing contact.

When he wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll waste no time texting or calling you whenever he misses you—which will probably be most days.

5. He responds to all of your texts

Fast responses to your texts mean he’s eager to hear from you. When it’s your turn to send the first text, note how fast his replies are. If he’s usually quite responsive, your guy is interested in you as a girlfriend. Men who aren’t invested in a relationship take their time without worrying about what the other person will think.

  • Remember that life happens, and nobody is perfect. For example, if he has an intense job and you don’t hear from him during work hours, that’s completely normal. So long as he texts you as soon as he can, it’s still a good sign.
6. He stays close to you when you’re out

Physical closeness is his way of showing you that he cares, he’s proud to be seen with you in public, and he wants to be closer to you. Guys tend to express their feelings through physical displays of affection, so you might also notice light touches here and there on the arm, elbow, and back.

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7. He spends most of his free time with you

His schedule will start to fit yours when he wants to be a couple. A guy who wants to be your boyfriend will do whatever he can to see you often, even if that means rearranging his schedule so he can accommodate yours. He’ll start considering you before he plans, asking you in advance if you’ll be able to do things with him, and spending most of his free time with you.

8. He gives you small gifts and makes sweet gestures

A guy who does things just to please you is interested in a relationship. He might bring you simple but meaningful surprise gifts, stock his home with your favorite treats, or pick up a coffee for you just the way you like it. Every gesture he makes will prove just how well he knows you and has been listening to you when you talk about yourself—and attentiveness is a sure sign of interest.

9. He prioritizes your needs

Think about your conversations: has he asked you to call or text him anytime if you need him? That’s a big sign that he wants to be in a committed relationship. Furthermore, if he follows through and is ready to help you at the drop of a hat, it means he’s already thinking of you as a girlfriend.

10. He apologizes first after a conflict

A willingness to apologize means he doesn’t want to lose you. No matter who is in the wrong (even if it’s you), a guy who wants you to be his girlfriend will go out of his way to smooth things between you. He’ll readily apologize and acknowledge his faults because he doesn’t want to let the argument come between you.

11. He wants more than just sex from the relationship

As he opens up to you, he’ll start to see a partner—not a hookup. Some relationships begin (and fizzle out) because they’re based purely on attraction and sex. If he’s really boyfriend material and wants you to be a girlfriend, he’ll be more interested in forming a more profound connection based on emotional vulnerability than physical closeness. He’ll openly express his feelings to you.

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12. He’s always supportive of you

If he sees you as a girlfriend, the things that matter to you matter to him. When you get a promotion at work or make a breakthrough in your latest project, he’s the first to congratulate you and think of some fun way to celebrate. If you need advice or a pep talk, he’s always there to hype you up and remind you how special you are. A guy who really likes you will act like your biggest fan!

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