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    8 Signs Of Mutual Attraction In A Romantic Relationship

    Mutual attraction is a lot like gravity, you and the other person may feel drawn to each other in ways that feel mysterious, or even confusing. You can feel this kind of tension between you two, but if you’re looking for some help figuring out if the signs you’re picking up on are the real deal or not, then read on.10 Relationship Cliches You Should Avoid kokobrides

    Below are signs of mutual attraction:

    If they brush against you, put their arm on your shoulder, or hold their hugs for longer than it feels like a random friend might, it could be a sign that they’re interested in you. If you find yourself doing the same, it could be mutual attraction.

    • Eye contact will tell you a lot as well. If they steal glances from the other side of the room when you think they aren’t looking, or they blush when they look at you, they could be interested!
    • If they lean in when they talk to you, and they turn towards you when the two of you are sitting together, it’s a subtle sign they’re interested.

    Try sliding in a comment about their outfit looking cute or their hair making them look handsome and see how they respond. If they just say “thanks” and move on, they may not be interested. If they lean into the opportunity and tell you that they like something about you as well though, they probably like you just as much as you like them.

    If they grimace a bit and use a sympathetic tone when you are sad, or they laugh at your jokes, they may be mirroring your behaviour. Mirroring is a common way that people try to get others to like them. Basically, if they try to act, feel, or talk the same way you do, it’s a massive sign that they want you to like them.

    Do they go out of their way to stand right next to you when other people are around? Are they always bringing you a drink at a party and striking up small talk, or asking if you want to go hang out alone somewhere else? If they do any of these things and they make you happy when they do, this is a massive signal that you’re experiencing mutual attraction.

    • This may happen organically too, without either of you actively taking steps to make it happen. If you go to a group dinner and the two of you just magically end up being the last to leave because you’re just chatting it up all night, that’s huge!

    If the both of you are there for each other when things are tough, it’s a key sign that the you both are experiencing mutual attraction. You two might check in on one another if you notice the other person is having a rough day, or express support for one another. Mutual attraction is like gravity, and that gravity should still be there even when the two of you aren’t flirting, laughing, or enjoying yourselves.

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    The quality of your conversations matters more than how much you spend talking. If it’s all small talk and surface-level chitchat, it’s possible they’re only interested in being friends. However, if those small chats about the weather turn into conversations about your plans for the day, and the talk about your plans turns into a conversation about your hobbies, interests, and passions, it could be mutual attraction!

    If both of you find reasons to make the other person’s life easier, or you share little gifts or trinkets, it’s an important signal that the two of you have an intuitive impulse to care for each other.

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