Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve Your Chances Of Conception

A few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle could improve your chances of conception.

Here are some simple changes you can make to boost your reproductive health:

  1. Stay at a healthy weight. Women who are too heavy or too thin may have reduced fertility.

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2. Get plenty of sleep.

3. Try to avoid night shift work, which can disrupt hormone production.

4. Exercise regularly, but don’t overdo it! Excess exercise can interfere with ovulation. Limit vigorous exercise to 5 hours or less per week if you’re trying to get pregnant.

5. Take folic acid supplements to improve ovulation and, if you conceive, prevent birth defects.

6. Limit meat in your diet. Eat more fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids or plant-based proteins, which may improve ovulation.

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