Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Newborn Baby’s Development

Cuddling, sleeping, feeding. That’s what it is all about in the first few months of your baby’s development.

Here are simple things you can do to help your newborn’s development at this age:

  1. Spend Time With Your Baby

Try reading and telling stories, talking and singing. Doing these things everyday also helps your baby get familiar with sounds and words. This develops language and communication skills your baby will need when they are older.

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2. Look Into Your Baby’s Eyes

This is important for bonding with your baby. It can also help to build your baby’s neck strength and head control when you get your baby to follow your eyes and turn their head. But when your baby looks away from you, they let you know they need a rest.

3. Smile At Your Baby

When your baby sees you smile, it releases natural chemicals in their body. This makes your baby feel good, safe and secure. It also builds attachment to you.

4. Play With Your Newborn

This helps your baby’s brain to grow and helps them learn about the world. It also strengthens the bond between you

5. Have Skin-to-skin Contact

This physical connection helps your baby get to know your smell and voice. This comforts and relaxes your baby and strengthens the bond between you.

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