Beautiful Journalist Stephanie Claytor Celebrates 6th Wedding Anniversary, Reveals How She Met Her Husband

Journalist Stephanie Claytor has revealed how she met her husband as the two celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Stephanie Claytor revealed that she met her husband at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

She sat at airport’s gate which is a few seats away. She then saw a tall and handsome young man who had no ring.

She said: “I asked myself, ‘What do I have to lose?’ The answer: nothing. So I looked over and asked him, ‘Are you from Shreveport?’ That simple question led to a gold mine of information.”

The duo boarded a plane to Shreveport, Louisiana, and when they landed, Stephanie gave him her business card.

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The handsome young man called her five days later after seeing her reporting a story on the news, which led to their first romantic date.

Stephanie said: “What I remember most about that date is that we both were driving 2006 Toyota Corollas, cars that were eight years old.”

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