Hong Kong Couple Tavia Yeung And Him Law Celebrate 7 Years Of Wedding Anniversary

Hong Kong Couple Tavia Yeung And Him Law celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary on Monday, returning to the hotel where they got married on Oct 2, 2016.

Tavia Yeung, 44, wrote on Instagram that she had jokingly asked her husband Him Law if he had an itch after seven years, to which he replied he had an itch on his back.

Sharing a video taken by Him Law, of them entering the hotel, she wrote: “We were here seven years ago to share the joy and receive blessings. Seven years later, we are here today to celebrate this special day.”

They began dating in 2011 after filming the medical drama series The Hippocratic Crush (2012). They held a “wedding blessing” ceremony at Leeds Castle in England in March 2016, registered their marriage and held a wedding ceremony in Hong Kong In October of the same year.

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They both share a three-year-old daughter, Hera, and a one-year-old son, Eden.

Yeung also shared how they have kept the so-called itch to stray at bay.

“Finding the right person is a kind of happiness,” she wrote. “To live a wonderful life together requires trust, tolerance and tacit understanding, even though the journey can be long and mundane. Happy seventh anniversary.”

She used hashtags such as #Copperwedding, #Happysevenyearitch and #Ritzcarlton.

Law, 39, shared photos of themselves having dinner at the hotel. He wrote: “My wife and I set the kids aside for a while to celebrate our anniversary.”

The actor, who was recently in Malaysia to film the upcoming TV drama Modern Dynasty Part 2: War Of Others, used the hashtag #Happy7thanniversary in the post.

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