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    The Ultimate Best Man Checklist/ Roles Of A Best Man

    What is the role of a best man at a wedding and what do you contribute to the overall success of the special occasion.  Weddings require a lot of planning and a lot of work along the way and the right-hand woman of the bride and the right-hand man of the groom contribute greatly to the whole process.

    The Ultimate Best Man Checklist/ Roles Of A Best ManThe best man or best person is the groom’s right hand throughout the planning process and on the day of the wedding. The best man is tasked with serving as the groom’s right hand from the pre-wedding process, the wedding, and the post-wedding process.
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    Today we share with you 10 roles of a best man to the groom and a wedding.
    1. Go shopping with the groom
    You will assist the groom in picking his outfit, ensuring the fit and also the colour and clothes of the other groomsmen ensuring everyone looks sharp and stylish.
    2. Relay details and information to the wedding planner and vendors
    All information concerning the groom and the groom’s party will come from you to the wedding planner and all vendors concerned. Ensure you have the right information and also proper communication with both parties.
    3. Plan a bachelor’s party for the groom with his other friends
    You have the role of planning a bachelor’s party for the groom with friends from venue to other things needed for a great party.

    4. Advice and emotional support for the groom
    Wedding planning is a lot of work and takes a huge toll on all parties so you are there to manage tempers, emotions and also calm nerves. Provide all the emotional support you can to ease the stress.
    5. Keep the groom in check
    Ensure the groom is on time for the wedding, well relaxed, manages nerves, and provides all other things he might need throughout the day.
    6. Hold the Wedding Rings
    You are in charge of the ring till the priest requests it during the ceremony so safeguard it at all cost.

    7. Hype the groom’s squad 

    Ensure the groom squad is good for the day and everyone is in a great mood to have a good time and perform their roles for the day.
    8. Ensure all items belonging to the groom are well protected and secured

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