This Is Exactly What Men Find Most Sexually Attractive In Women

What people find attractive differs between individuals, but according to a new UK YouGov study, many straight men and women are attracted to the same specific things.

Women are more concerned with their partner’s height, the organisation’s annual Body Image survey found, while men put more emphasis on their partner’s weight.

The survey asked more than 2,200 people to describe both their own body types and what body types they are attracted to.

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Three in 10 of participants said they consider their body to be “average” while one fifth said they believed they were overweight.

Additionally, six per cent described their body as fat and 13 per cent used the word “chubby”. One in seven of those who responded said they were slim.

As for what men and women want physically from one another, the survey found that 67 per cent of women prefer a partner who is taller than them, while on six per cent said they’d want to be the same height, and just one per cent saying they’d like a partner who is shorter than them.

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Conversely, more than a third (35 per cent) of men said they prefer a partner who is shorter than them, while 16 per cent said they’d like someone who is the same height and four per cent said they wanted a taller partner.

Generally, men were more likely than women to say they didn’t have a preference about their partner’s height.

As for weight, one fifth (22 per cent) of men said they prefer partners who are slimmer than they are, while 15 per cent of women said the same.

Women were found to be more likely than men to say they have no preference about their partner’s height.

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