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    2 Years Ago, Tobi Met The Love Of His Life, Khafs On His Birthday! Enjoy Their Love Story And Pre-wedding Shoot

    Tobi met Khafs at his birthday party, and love happened at that moment.

    A mutual friend invited Khafs to Tobi’s birthday. She was reluctant to go at first, but as fate would have it, she went for it and there, she met the love of her life, Tobi. Now, it’s a sweet journey for these lovebirds.

    Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding photos.

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    Their meet-cute story as shared by Khafs:

    The stars must have aligned on Tobi’s birthday in 2021 because that’s the day our paths finally crossed. I was invited to his birthday by our mutual friend and though I wasn’t exactly itching to go out, boredom nudged me in the right direction. As fate would have it, the venue buzzed with familiar faces – our amazing circle of mutual friends. And then, there was Tobi.

    We were introduced, and our conversation flowed. It felt effortless like we’d known each other for years. Throughout the night, we were inseparable, just in a world of laughter and easy conversation.

    Numbers were exchanged, and we never really stopped! We fell into a comfortable rhythm of hanging out nearly every day after his birthday.

    A few weeks later, we started dating and it felt like the most natural thing in the world, like a puzzle piece finally clicking into place. Two beautiful years after that fateful birthday, we said “I do,” and our love story began a new, even sweeter chapter.

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