Top 4 Trendy Outfits For Brides At Yoruba Weddings

The outfits of the couples at a wedding determines their tribe and culture. The Yoruba wedding outfit is iro and buba for the bride and kaftan for the groom but the fahion outfit has evolved with time and trend. Here are the top 5 trendy outfit for brides at Yoruba wedding.
1. Gowns: Brides now prefer to wear gowns than having to tie the “iro” which can be a bit tasking.

2. Iro and Top: Brides get to tie the “iro” but they wear a fashionable matching top in place of “buba”.

3. Skirt and Blouse: A fashionable skirt and blouse is worn to replace “iro” and “buba” according to fashion trend.
4. “Iro” and “Buba”: This outfit has been the usual wears for Yoruba’s traditional weddings but its gradually going into extinction. Photo Credit: Instagram