Top 7 Attires For Nigerian Male Wedding Guest

Before you can attend a wedding, the details on the invitation card that should be looked out for; the colour and dress code. Here’s our ultimate guide to what a male wedding guest can wear to a Nigerian Wedding:

  1. Agbada Styles For Men: It could either be short sleeved or long sleeved. The Agbada styles is the new trend for Nigerian men’s wedding attire. Fabrics for men’s Agbada include lace, guinea brocade, atiku material, aso oke, ankara wax.  Guinea brocade, has been revolutionised and evolved with time by various designers like Ugo Monye, Mai Atafo. The length of the Agbada can be long or short. A fashion statement will definitely be made by any man rocking an Agbada attire as a wedding guest. 
  2. Danshiki Styles For Men: Just when we thought the style had faded out because it used to be old fashioned but it went all out all of a sudden and became the trend in Africa. Fabrics that are widely used for Danshiki are atiku and guinea brocade. Since fashion is always evolving, Danshiki can make a fashion statement on men as a wedding guest. Be sure to rock this attire with style at any wedding.
  3. Men’s English wear (Classic Man): Men’s suit used to be the trend to a wedding event until recently but it’s one stop if you need to stand out at a wedding. A bespoke suit will do the magic.
  4. Senator Style Native Wear:  This particular attire was fondly worn by most senators from the south south region of Nigeria. It became a trend with time for matured men. Generally, people call the fabrics used to make this style ‘trouser material’ or ‘senator fabric’.
  5. Kaftan Or Atiku Style For Men: It’s a more simpler traditional outfit for weddings.It could be short sleeved or long sleeved. Fabrics used for this outfit are guinea brocade, linen, atiku fabric, lace, ankara wax print.
  6. Etibor Designs: This type of style is worn by most men from the Niger Delta region. It is best worn with a staff as part of the accessory on the outfit.’Senator fabric’ can be used to make this style.
  7. Mazi-Style Attire: This is the Igbo traditional men attire. The style is worn with the Isi-agu (a special, velvet fabric with lion-head printed as a design) and any trouser fabric (certainly not denim) with a cap. Photo Credit: Getty