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    Top New Year Resolutions For 2024

    2023 is coming to an end this week. Therefore, it is an opportunity to make resolutions before the start of the new year 2024.

    Now is the time to set personal goals and make a difference. You can decide to prioritise things such as finance, health and hobbies for the new year 2024.

    Here are some resolutions that you can make for 2024:

    Spending Time with Family

    Due to a hectic work schedule, long office travelling hours and other issues, it becomes difficult to find time to be with family members. But from next year, make a resolution to spend more time with your lovely family.

    Budget Planning

    Outlining a rough budget for the new year can help in limiting expenditures and saving more money. To utilise money smartly, you can plan your monthly budget for groceries, transport, clothing, car, house maintenance, and other requirements.


    In the new year, you should try to play at least one sport to keep yourself fit and relaxed. You can choose any sport which you can play with family or friends.

    Trying out new recipes every week

    Everyone wants to eat healthy food. But one should also try to cook healthy food, and trying out a new recipe every week can make cooking interesting.

    Reading books

    A reading habit will help you improve your knowledge on a variety of topics.

    House cleaning

    Due to our daily busy schedule, we sometimes don’t get time to keep our house in order. But, from next year, a few days each week can be set to keep your home clean.

    Maintaining a sleep routine

    While many issues can lead to poor sleep, a lot can be done to improve it. Having dinner early, going to bed on time, and avoiding late-night talking on the phone are some ideas that can be adopted to improve your sleep.

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    Prioritise health screenings

    Make your medical appointments for the year in one sitting. Remind yourself every month not to skip them. This will help in maintaining good health and diet.

    Daily Workout

    Keep 20-30 minutes for your daily workout. A daily workout will boost stamina and keep your mind calm and focused

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