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    ‘Love In A Marriage Is Unconditional”: Marissa Lawrence Writes A Romantic Letter To Her Husband Trevor Lawrence In Honour Of Their 3rd Wedding Anniversary

    Marissa Lawrence and Trevor Lawrence celebrated their third wedding anniversary on Wednesday, April 17.

    In honour of their wedding anniversary, Marissa Lawrence took to her Instagram page to share a carousel of their wedding photos. She also wrote a romantic anniversary letter to her husband Trevor.

    She penned:

    A letter to my husband

    3 years of being married to you 8 years of dating you and 12 years of knowing you.. it’s crazy to me that I’ve known you just as long as I haven’t known you.. when we are 32 I’ll have known more life in love with you than without you.. I will love you for probably 63 more years of my life and this is only year 3… That could sound really scary when you break it down like that… But really it’s not all that scary when I look at who you are.

    I think you’re the easiest person to love Trevor. You have more patience in your pinky than most people have on their best days. You have a heart that loves people and sees the good. You have a spirit that’s childlike and humble. You have a mind that is witty and thoughtful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a billion times more.. you have ALWAYS made me feel so safe, so valued, so seen and understood. Your love for me makes me proud. Makes me honored that God saw you as the perfect fit for me. He must really love me to trust me with your heart!

    I like to think that no one else has a love like ours.. that’s it’s special and intimate and no one will ever understand it. Growing up I didn’t believe love was always like this. I didn’t think you could love someone more every day. I thought it would die out or the flame would slowly start to fade and turn to acceptance of a life with someone. More of a legal tie than a soul desire. But you have shown me that love in a marriage is unconditional. That I don’t have to settle. That I don’t have to live in fear of the flame dying.

    You make me excited to show the world that love doesn’t have to be mediocre. You can have it all. You can fall more in love every day. I can’t wait to show our kids that one day… let’s always sit on the same side of the couch. Happy anniversary my love. Cheers to 60 more 😉🤍

    Along with the touching post, Marissa Lawrence also included several photos of their wedding, which took place in South Carolina.

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    Marissa and her husband Trevor Lawrence met while in high school and continued their relationship through college. They got engaged in July 2020, and in April 2021, they sealed their union in an intimate wedding.

    Below are the beautiful photos from Trevor and Marissa Lawrence’s wedding ceremony:

    In another post, Marissa shared pictures of some of the beautiful people in her life. Captioning it, she wrote:

    My forever wedding date celebrating the most beautiful love and people 🕊️🤍

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