Twitter Did Work Its Magic By Bringing These Two Cute Souls Together

For Mr and Mrs B, its a case of people meeting on a social media platform, chatting their way into their hearts and finally walking down the aisle. The beautiful bride who goes by the username Bemi_a took to Twitter to shared the good news of the union and thanked Twitter for connecting her to the love of her life. Bemi wrote: “I wanna say a very big thank you Twitter for helping me meet the best man ever on here several years ago. We started on Twitter and we are married today!” So their journey all started when the groom put up a photo of himself on social media and one of the bride’s friends saw it and complimented. Seeing the compliment, Bemi then asked her beau for the photo and then told him she would like to touch his dimples. From then on, they became chat buddies and spoke frequently. All this happened in 2012 while the bride resided abroad. In 2015, she relocated back to Nigeria and then their love began to blossom from then on. fast forward many years later and they are happily married.Photo Credit: Getty