Saturday, May 18, 2024

    We Are In Awe Of This Edo Bridal Beauty Look

    The Edo culture is one that constantly wows us every time we lay our eyes on it and to be fair what’s not to love about it. The culture is regal, exquisite and elegant. We recently spotted this lovely Edo bridal beauty look and we are in absolute awe of the classiness and elegance this look depicts.

    The rich outfit, accessories, hairstyle and more all come together to make the bride a beautiful work of art on her big day.The Lekrystal george place put together this fabulous Edo bridal look and they had this to say about it.

    Eseosa is our Unconventional EDO BRIDE stylishly dressed in a contemporary George outfit with an intricately beaded piece of art called Okuku and accessories put together by the FIRST LADY brand.

    The Rich culture of Edo state is evident in the beautiful , elaborate attire of the Edo bride. She is a showstopper, generously decked in coral beads on a backdrop of fabrics. She wears beaded anklets, waist beads, and bracelets around her wrist called the ivie-ebo . We are in awe of Eseosa.

    Photographer: HB Pixel

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