Beautiful Actress Bangs Garcia Celebrates 7th Wedding Anniversary With Her Husband Lloydi Birchmore

Actress Bangs Garcia took to social media to mark her and her Filipino-British husband Lloydi Birchmore’s seventh wedding anniversary.

In her Instagram post, Bangs Garcia shared some snaps of herself and her husband through the years.

She penned:

“9 years together, 7 years married in the church yesterday, 7 years married in the beach today, and turning 8 years as civilly married soon.✨.”

Bangs Garcia also reminisced about the time when the couple decided to keep their relationship despite the long distance.

“As we mark another year of togetherness, I’m reminded of the incredible commitment we share since that day at the Hot Springs in Laguna, PH when you looked through my eyes and told me with conviction, ‘Baby don’t hope, I know – WE WILL work out,’ you persistently proved it despite our long-distance relationship then, and so I trusted you with my whole heart & soul.”

She added: “Thereafter, I knew I’ll never regret my decision as you never fail to make me feel outstandingly special & loved until now, not to mention you always make us laugh too! 😂.”

Bangs Garcia also shared that even if their married life looks like a fairytale for some, the couple still experience struggles.

“Most importantly, we’ve been flourishingly bouncing back from every hurdle & hiccup that we encounter. Some people think that we got a fairytale life & that we got it all figured out but y’all gotta know we’ve tackled countless compromises and we’ve been through many consuming arguments & reconciliations,” she expressed.

The former actress also wrote about her realizations in life and how she cherishes her lifelong commitment to her husband.

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“No couple is exempted from these life challenges, it’s just a matter of how you handle them and learning the art of cherishing one another in spite of conflict. The moment you decide to merge your life with someone, you can imagine how many indifferences you’ll both have to learn to accept & adjust to and that’s downright No Joke. The intensity of feelings for someone may change over time, it’s ultimately a choice to keep spicing it up & staying in love,” she captioned.

Bangs then expressed that she wanted to celebrate their anniversaries by commending how they survived the challenges in life and became stronger as a family through time.

“Therefore, @lloydiboi24 (Lloydi Birchmore) & I would like to celebrate our anniversaries not only for staying in love but also for the profound bond we have attained as a family throughout the twists & turns of life!🥂May God be always our guiding light. 💖,” she said.

“Happy Anniversary! Love you so much @lloydiboi24 (Lloydi Birchmore), you are indeed a man like no other! 🥰,” Bangs Garcia lovingly wrote before adding hashtags such as #TheBirchmores, #ValLoydi, and #MrMrsBirchmore.

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