Monday, July 15, 2024

    Its A Triple Celebration For Tosin As She Celebrates Her 30th Birthday,Vow Renewal, And Book Launch

    After a tumultuous 2011 wedding, Tosin decided to sort things out herself and have the best vow renewal ever! The stunning Queen who had her renewal on her 30th birthday, on the same day she launched her book which details her life travails, gave her husband a major surprise that day.
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    Her husband, Andrew who took her to Dubai to change her promise ring which he gave to her when she was 19 and got for £20, hunted down an amazing new ring for her to celebrate her birthday not knowing she had something up her sleeves.
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    Tosin had an amazing vow renewal, celebrated love and family better than she did on her wedding day, and we are once again convinced that there’s always a second chance for everything, no matter what they are!
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