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    Wedding Shoes Guide For Beautiful Ladies: When To Wear Bridal Flats Vs Bridal Heels

    Making the decision for your wedding shoes is as important as making the decision for your wedding dress. This is because you will be doing a lot of dancing and partying.

    You have to make sure you equip your feet with the right shoes to avoid ending up sore and struggling. You need to be worry-free, happy, and comfortable for the most joyous day in your life, ready to dance the day away.

    Flats give the comfort you desire. They most likely will not leave you with sore and blistered feet at the end of your big day. They are also a more practical and stable option than heels; you can walk, run, and dance in them without the fear of tripping over.

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    Your wedding location plays an important role in your choice of shoes. If you’re getting married on a beach or anywhere outdoors, heels might not be the best option for you. Wedding flats, on the other hand, could do the trick because they won’t sink into sand or grass.

    However, heels are more classy and sexy. They lengthen your legs and make you appear taller and slender. An ill-fitting and uncomfortable pair of heels can ruin your whole day, but a good pair will offer ample support to ensure all-day comfort.

    Closed-toe wedding shoes are recommended for cooler climates; however, for warmer wedding days, open-toe shoes are better.

    Comfort and overall style should be way heavier on the decision. Before you go shoe shopping, take a look at your collection of dressy shoes in your closet.

    For some brides going for flat wedding shoes is the best option. It will provide you with the most comfort.

    Starting off with a tall wedding shoe and then dropping down to a lower wedding heel, will make the dress too long at the reception. It is impossible to hem the dress for both heel heights.

    There are no rules with shoes! The way you hem your dress will be up to you. Traditionally, seamstresses will hem the dress to right above the floor. You will not see your wedding shoes when you are standing; however, when you step forward you will see the toe of the shoe. Style wise, the toe of the shoe will matter way more than the heel of the shoe.

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