“What A Waste Of Money” – Locals Slam Meghan And Harry’s Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding slammed by some locals.

Some locals have slammed the royal wedding between American actress, Meghan Markle and British Prince Harry. A UK airline worker, who declined to be named said, “what a waste of money, public money. There’s bigger things happening in the world. There’s a lot more things happening that are more important than [the royal wedding].”

She also added that she was not looking forward to seeing the streets of London decorated with royal wedding memorabilia. “Tacky stuff everywhere, tacky teacups and tacky things, that’s the trouble. Lots of tourist stuff,” she said. Her colleague also mentioned that he thinks interest has waned since the days of Princess Diana among those who don’t follow the royal family closely. “I’m not a royalist. It’s fun that there is going to be an event, and things like that — they always bring the country together, you know — but I… remember Charles and Diana’s wedding from 1981 and then we had Andrew and… Fergie, and then we had Edward and Sophie, and each time the interest goes down and down… Society is very different from when I grew up back in the ‘70s… It was very insular in 1979, 1980, the royal wedding was an immense thing. But rightly the world has opened up and now [people] have their eye on other things.”

23-year-old Corrine Look also said she is frustrated by the reported expenses of the royal wedding, which is estimated to cost a staggering $45 million, according to Business Insider. Kensington Palace has stated the royal family will pay for the “core aspects” of the wedding, but just the extra security at the event in the town of Windsor is estimated to cost millions of dollars. “Why am I paying for some rich people to live? It makes no sense,” she said with a laugh. Her friend Martha Henley also added that the royal family isn’t of much interest to many young people today. “I feel like people outside of the U.K. think the monarchy is more important to us than it is. It’s never really mattered to me. I hope they are very happy and I don’t wish them any ill will, but I also don’t think we should be paying for their wedding. That’s when it becomes problematic for me… I struggle to see the relevance,” she said.

Photo Credit: Getty