Yellow Fever- See These Breathtaking Bridal Aso Oke In Yellow, Beautiful!

Nigerians typically love their popping, more so on their traditional wedding day, their game must be top notch. Burgundy, blue, gold and other are popular bridal oke options, however, the council of yellow okes has summoned us, and we are here to make a case for this eye-popping, stunning . Most “safe” brides avoid this for their  oke as they feel that lots could go wrong if not properly ““, and yes, they are right.

However, most brides cannot begin to comprehend how utterly beautiful this is, we all want to own the show at our wedding right? What fastest way to get to that than wearing yellow, not only would you own the show, you’d keep it for a very long time. Everyone is definitely going to be talking about that bride that literally glowed all through on her traditional wedding day.

Not convinced yet? Okay. Moreso, you could combine the with any other if you so wish, with blue for balance, with red for that extra pop, however, we would advise you to go little on the red, preferably limit it to your accessories. It goes well with black, grey, light purple and a host of others. 

Photo Credit: Getty