10 Tips For Great Makeup On Light Skinned Brides

Happy bride-to-be, we know you are counting down to your big day and one major highlight on your day is your makeup. A bride deserves to look her best with a flattering look that defines her face and shows off that bridal look. The utmost duty of the makeup artist to ensure they look amazing. 

The Makeup artist needs to understand what works for their skin type and how to effectively achieve the flawless face beat that every bride deserves. Every skin colour has a face beat that works best for it and today we share with brides and beauty artists tips for great makeup on Light skinned brides.
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  1. Minimal foundation
    Light-skinned people do not require a heavy foundation for their big day just a sheer foundation and a light dusting of loose powder. Pick a foundation that has the same undertone as your skin. A fair skin may have a pink or peach undertone. Pick a shade that is closest to the color of your jawline so that it can even cover your face and neck.
  2. Let Your eyes do the talking
    With a fair complexion, you can easily let your eyes be the center of your look. Don’t lose them by contouring them with black eyeliner. Use soft pastels, such as pink, pale blue, or even champagne. Make your eyes pop even with minimal eye shadow through strokes of voluminous black or black-brown mascara. Also, use false lashes to bring more attention to your face.
  3. Blush and Glow
    Get a great blush palette as we want to see that extra glow pop as you walk through your day and one step to achieving this is a great blush palette. Apply around the cheekbones for extra effect and that magical glow. Pink or peach blushers look best on fair skin.
  4. Lips
    You can’t go wrong with a red lip, whether you want a subtle wash of red or a glam statement look, red lipstick is a must-have for any makeup bag. A fair complexion actually lets you have more options when it comes to your lip color. You can be bold and daring with bright hues or you can go pale and glossy – either will suit you nicely.
  5. Highlights
    For the final touches that make a difference, don’t forget the highlights. Apply a highlighter or illuminator on your cheeks at the outer corner of your eyes. It also looks good to dab some on your nose bridge and beneath your eyebrows. If your dress is quite revealing from your neck to your shoulders and down to your chest, add some shimmer on your décolleté.
  6. Create a mood board
    A mood board is one way to streamline choices and also present endless inspiration so ahead of your big day both brides and makeup artists can gather pictures of light-skinned brides using their beauty looks as a guide and also pick unique features from each.
  7. Consider a trial makeover before your big day
    One way to ensure that the bride and makeup artiste are on the same page is to consider a trial before the big day. A bride can come in a week or few days to her big day for a trial sharing with the bride how she wants to look and products that work best for this. Dear brides to be we cannot wait to see your bridal beauty look on your big day.
    Photo Credit: Instagram