5 Glamorous Bridal Nail Styles You Should Try Out For Your Big Day

Every brides dream is to look dapper on their wedding day, from the little things to the very big and obvious ones, everything must all be an 100, attaining perfection! This and other reasons is why we would be focusing on one of the not so noticeable but still very important part of the bridal checklist, nails! Yes, nails, those beautiful shinning plastic on your fingers painted with the most glorious of colours to add the much needed beauty and glow to your hands, yes those. Picking the perfect nail polish colours and styles, is just as essential as picking the right gowns and accessories. Others might not notice them at first, but sure you know your own nails aren’t looking topnotch as they should, and that definitely is the begining of you ruining your very own parade. That established, lets get to the main business of the day, five perfect glamorous nail styles for your big day.

Classic French: Ever wonder why the French are always at the forefront of everything romantic, think french kiss and the likes? well, not much is known now, what we do know however is their exquisite taste for all things classy, refined and beautiful. The classic French style is excellent for brides who simplicity and class. This design matches all gown styles and types, so needless to say, worrying about style clash with this isn’t an option.

Romantic Lace: This style is feminine and beautiful! Intricately done, delicate yet beautiful, romantic lace is perfect for the dreamy bride in need of a fairytail bridal nail style.

3D Flowers and Crystals: The 3d flowers pluck the roses and the sunflowers right from your garden and place them neatly on your nails. They indeed feel very real and are mostly stunning. Though a little on the extravagant side, the 3D effect of the polish complemented with crystals adds unlimited attractiveness and life to your fingers. For the imaginative brides, you truly can have all of life beautiful forms with the snap of a finger, literally!

Marble Prints: For brides in love with art and , the marble print is an excellent option!

Glitters: In need of a glamorous nail design, the glitter nail styles will add all the glam you need.

Photo Credit: Getty