5 Scalp Care Tips To Maintaining A Beautiful Shaved Head

Maintaining that beautiful head of yours comes with its own set of challenges.

Your head is exposed to the sun rays, pollutants, airborne toxins, allergens and other environmental aggressors like the rain or extreme cold. All of these can lead to a dry itchy scalp.

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To care for your head correctly, here are some tips you should note:

1. Shield your scalp from the sun

Hair keeps your head warm and protected. Now that you have less insulation on top, you might find yourself paying more attention to the weather report. On chilly days, cover up with a beanie. And when the sun is out, throw on some sunscreen or a hat.

2. Keep hydrated and moisturize

Especially during the dry winter months, or if your head gets a little too much sun, your scalp can become dry and rough. Get hydrated by drinking plenty of water and using a sensitive-skin moisturizer on your head.

3. Try a scalp massage

Stimulating your scalp promotes good blood flow and encourages healthy hair growth.

4. Exfoliate Your Scalp

The skin of your scalp is at risk of drying out just like any other patch of skin. This means a layer of dead skin develops on top of your newer, fresher skin. It’s important to exfoliate before shaving to remove this layer of dead skin.

This helps keep the skin looking fresh, makes shaving more straightforward, and makes you less likely to suffer from dry skin or breakouts in the future.

Look for a scrub made from natural and organic ingredients that won’t dry out your skin and clog up your pores.

5. Shave Your Head

Shaving your head is not so different from shaving your face. Start by applying a quality shave oil and massage it into your scalp to soften hair and make shaving easier.

For added protection from nicks and irritation, layer a shaving gel or cream on top of the shave oil. Avoid products containing propane or alcohol – both of which could dry out your skin, leading to irritation.

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