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Ways To Choose Low-Cut Hairstyles That Matches Your Facial Shape | KOKO Brides
Monday, June 24, 2024

    Ways To Choose Low-Cut Hairstyles That Matches Your Facial Shape

    When you’re deciding which haircut will look best on you, take the shape of your face into consideration.

    A good haircut will highlight your unique angles and bring out the best in your features. Although certain haircuts may be ideal for your face shape, it is important to choose a style that makes you feel the most beautiful and confident.

    Determining Your Face Shape

    Take a self-portrait. Hold the camera level with your face and take the picture straight-on. Make sure your hair is pulled away from your face. Resist the temptation to smile in the picture. You want to be able to figure out your face shape in its most natural position, and smiling might make it harder to tell.

    • If you’re having trouble taking a self-portrait with your camera, see if it has a timer. Set the timer, then pose for your photo. Alternatively, ask someone to take your picture if your camera isn’t conducive to taking self-portraits.

    Trace your face shape on a mirror alternatively. If you don’t have a camera, stand in front of the mirror and use an old lipstick or a dry-erase marker to trace the shape of your face. You should trace the entire shape of your face—around your chin and around your hairline. Look at this tracing while you determine your face shape.

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    Determine the widest part of your face

    If your forehead is the widest part of your face, then you likely have an oval face shape. You may have a round face shape if your cheeks are the widest part of your face. A wide jaw means that you have a square face shape. There’s still a chance, however, that you may have a heart-shaped face, so move on to checking your jaw.

    Inspect the shape of your jaw

    A round jaw is consistent with a round face shape. A square jaw likely means that you have a square face shape. If you have a pointy jaw, this means that you have a heart-shaped face.

    Look at the length and width of your face

    Looking at the length of your face will help you determine its shape. If your face is longer than it is wide, this likely means that you have an oval, square, or heart-shaped face. If your face is as wide as it is long, you have a wide face shape.

    Finding the Right Haircut for a Round Face

    Create angles to frame a round face. Bring out the best in your softer, round features by contrasting them with some edge. Go for sleek lines and tapered ends and avoid bulky hairstyles. Consider a medium-length cut with layers that frame your face. Have the styles make your shortest layer fall below your ears. Your longest layer should fall a few inches below your chin.

    Choosing a Haircut for a Square Face

    Soften the angles of a square face with a tousled bob. Harsh angles can be softened with cuts designed to bring focus to the eyes and mouth, rather than the face’s edges. A tousled chin-length bob makes the perfect frame for a square jaw, highlighting its angular beauty. Alternatively, long curls and waves can offset severe angles.

    Getting the Right Haircut for an Oval Face

    Balance an oval face with layers. Oval faces tend to look incredible with a wide range of haircuts. Layers, bangs, curls and waves can help offset longer faces. Keeping an average hair length, rather than a very long or very short one, can also make the face look less long.

    • Oval faces are usually considered the ideal face shape for any haircut, so enjoy your favorite style!

    Choosing a Haircut for a Heart-Shaped Face

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