Aso-ebi Frenzy: Check Out The Trending Aso-ebi Colours In 2019

One thing we love about the Nigerian wedding scene is the constant uniformity of the aso ebi colours year in and out. Sometimes they leave us wondering if the brides and their families all over the country sat together to come to a conclusion that they would be trending these colours in this year or the next. That part still remains a mystery but the colours trending however doesn’t. They are fabulous, popping, beautiful and most importantly looks glamorous on all skin colours and tones. Check out the colours trending in no particular number below.

Green: This colour is everywhere and we absolutely love what we are seeing. The sheer lacy green material combined with a black lining seems to be at the forefront of this green fashion

Silver: Silver like gold is timeless so once again we are not surprised that the brides of this year have favoured this colour over others. It is flattering, and not too bright or flashing. Although silver is a selective colour and does not go well with being missed with other colours, especially as its linen, it’s still one of this year’s go-to colour.

Onion pink: This is another colour that is trending heavily this year and we are hoping to see more. The onion pink trend started late last year and it bloomed gracefully this year with lots of beautiful styles beautiful created with it.

Gold: This is one colour that would never go out of the scene, we don’t know how gold does it, but gold does it! Or maybe we do, the colour is amazing, pops every skin colour and definitely goes well with different accessories.

Photo Credit: Getty