5 Ways To Style Natural Hair For A Wedding

While Styling natural hair there are things to note, There are endless ways to style and things to note before, and after styling.

Here are 5 popular styles for natural hair


For this style, all that is needed is an afro comb, a Styling gel and. A little bit of water depending on hair structure. All you need to do is divide the hair into sections, apply the Styling gel on the section you intend to twist and twist the sections. For another beautiful result, the twisted hair can be loosened out after drying to reveal beautiful curls twists


This is for both lengthy hair and short hair as all that is needed is just to apply a protective moisturizer like leave in conditioner and hairstyle products. This look requires little or no stress as all that is needed is to comb out the hair that is needed is to comb out the hair.

Bantu Knots

This requires dividing the hair into sections and either braiding or twisting it to Knots very close to the scalp. This can also be left as Knots or loosened out into curls.   

Low Buns

For those with lengthy hair, this style is as simple as it sounds, it’s just basically combing the hair and packing it to the lower section of the head and wrapping it in a bun.

Corn Rows

This can also be called scalp braids as they are braided close to the scalp. This hairstyle doesn’t need too much pro-care as they are protective hairstyles which give hair curls and make the scalp healthy

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